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As I make my rounds at car shows and cruise nights, I sometimes hear people ask why we never called them back. They will tell me, “I left four voicemails and nobody ever called me back.” This is obviously a concern for me being the Director of Marketing here at Champion Cooling Systems. When I get back to the office, I start to do some research on these neglected voicemails.

When I dig a little deeper to find out where the communication breakdown occurred, it more often than not comes down to something that is out of our control. It turns out that the customer called one of our dealers instead of calling Champion Cooling Systems directly.

The customer says they’re sure they called “Champion,” but when I ask what website they got the number from it usually turns out it wasn’t our website. They went to a website with “Champion” in the name, but it was actually a dealer’s website that merely appeared to be us because they sell our products.

If you don’t see our checkered flag logo at the top along with “Official Manufacturer’s Website”, it’s not us.

Voicemail And Our Contact Form

We can assure you that our voicemails get queried every morning, and our General Manager is a stickler for making sure our sales staff retrieves messages and returns calls. However, we can’t speak for our more than 1,000 dealers across the country who sell genuine Champion Cooling Systems radiators. Since they’re not a part of Champion Cooling Systems, we can’t monitor their customer service practices, or police them.

Some of our dealers sell various automotive performance products or services, and others may be in the automotive cooling business exclusively. For those dealers who primarily sell cooling products, it’s likely that you could be greeted with an image of one of our radiators when you visit that company’s website.

You’ll also see our checkered flag logo on the contact page, as well as the shop page.

But seeing one of our radiators on their site isn’t necessarily where the confusion occurs. It could be the name of the business in particular that creates the confusion, especially when you visit their site and see the word “Champion” in the URL or the company name.

How Can You Be Sure You’re Contacting Champion Cooling Systems?

So how can you be sure that you have called us instead of one of our dealers, especially knowing what you now know? For starters, listen for “Champion Cooling Systems” both in our live or automated greetings. If you don’t hear those three words, you’re probably not calling us.

Secondly, if you’re on a website looking to buy one of our radiators, look for our logo with the crossed checkered flags. If you don’t see our logo at the top, along with the words “Official Manufacturer’s Website” to the right of it, then you’re not visiting – therefore, the phone number listed is not ours.

If you’ve called and left a message, and you haven’t heard back within one business day, check the number you called and where you got the number from. Additionally, if you filled out the contact form online and you haven’t heard back from us within one business day, check the URL and see if it’s our website that you were visiting.

As a Champion Cooling Systems dealer, they might sell our entire line of products, including electric fans, shrouds, relay kits, and inline filters, or they might only sell our radiators – that’s entirely up to them and we can’t control what products they sell.

But the Champion Cooling Systems radiator they sell will have the same, Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects that we offer customers who purchase a radiator directly from us – that doesn’t change when you buy from one of our authorized dealers.

We don’t intentionally undersell any of our dealers, but we don’t control their pricing, either. Most dealers will have a slightly lower price than we do, and that’s standard practice across our industry. But if you’re not sure if they are an authorized dealer, you’re more than welcome to contact our staff and they will let you know, as well as answer any questions you may have.

While we do want your business, we also have the standard breaks during the day and most of us go home at night. So if you called during lunchtime (12:00-1:00 PST, M-F) or after hours (4:30 M-Thur, 4:00 F) then you’ll likely get our voicemail system as our staff will be out to lunch or on their way home.

If you get our voicemail, please, leave us a message and someone on our eager staff will check the message cue when they arrive back at the office and they’ll be glad to call you back. You can visit us online at:, email us at, or call us at (951) 245-9464, and I promise our staff will be glad to get back in touch with you when you contact us. Stay Cool!

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